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Great shirt overall.  Runs slightly small (I'm 6'1'' 180 and got a large and wish it was a little longer), however I am really enjoying the shirt and getting a ton of use out of it.
   Nicolle Rivellino Augusto
clint eastwood does not make a bad movie.I'm 70.. really brought back the memories. will buy it when the price gets down
   Akash Shah
Great Biking Jersey
   Jaqueline Bissolati
Size Small - Great jersey for the buck$. Fits well, breathes well and the doesn't stick to back. I'm 5' 7", 140lbs, with 33 inch waist. Small size does the job. Can knock off 1 star for the skinny & shallow pockets, and I mean skinny. The outer two barely holds gloves and fergit-about a thin vest, won't fit. Smart phone fits very snugly in center pocket. Requires both hands to remove. Length is 3" too long but rubberized band allows bottom to be tucked w/o slipping. Sleeve length is spot on.
   Nataani Tome
held up so far no complaints
   Jacqueline López
great sheets, great price
   Maged Mohamed

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