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Tudor BLACK BAY S&G M79733N-0006 Replica Watch


Comparison of Black Bay 36 and Black Bay 58

Like most people, I have been praising Black Bay 58 (Ref. M79030N-0001) since it was released at the Basel Watch Fair in 2018. “58” is a reference to the Tudor vintage Tudor imitated by the new Black Bay 58. , reference 7924 "Big Crown"; read the history of our Tudor Submariner here for more information.Tudor BLACK BAY GMT M79830RB , Since the release of Baselworld 2016 at 2016, the slightly smaller and borderless Tudor Black Bay 36 (Ref. M79500) has caught my attention. Like an ordinary person, now I have both, just like a real watch idiot expert. But there is only one room in my collection that is in the Black Bay.

I am willing to bet that others must make a similar decision between Black Bay 36 and Black Bay 58 or another similar comparison, Black Bay 41 and Black Bay (and its various color schemes - to Harrow De shouted for firefighting collaboration). Therefore, I decided to write an article comparing the two: the case, the dial, the movement and the entire kit. To be determined, when I started writing this article, I still have not decided which BB I will keep and which BB will be sold, but I hope this exercise will help me make a decision.

Battle 1: Sport
First, let's talk about sports specifications:

Black Bay 36: Controlled automatic ETA 2824 movement (not certified by COSC); 38-hour power reserve

Black Bay 58: Self-winding movement MT5402 (COSC certified); 70-hour power reserve

Ok, the purists will point out that the new MT5402 inside the paint developed by the Tudor Best replica watches dynasty for Black Bay 58 is a clear winner. The smaller, thinner motion reduced the thickness of the Black Bay 58 to only 11.9 mm, while the original Black Bay series had a thickness of 14.75 mm. Most importantly, Tudor managed to make it a certified COSC astronomical clock, which means it is an ultra-precise watch that can be described as hell or high water. But Tudor also did an excellent job of loading the ultra-precise ETA sport into the Black Bay36. In my non-scientific research (I don't show spreadsheets, but I have a spreadsheet), my Black Bay 36 has never been closed for more than 2 seconds in 24 hours. This is very impressive for something that will be downgraded by the “off the shelf” campaign. Listen, Ditto used these ETA movements and made extensive modifications to meet their internal specifications. If you do outdoor activities as you like, things will be done. What makes me more troubled by the ETA 2824 calibre is the negligible 40-hour power reserve. I like these two watches because they are really great everyday wear - wearing T-shirts and jeans at home, just like wearing them in the office - but I often wear Apple Watch or Seiko 5 throughout the weekend, then put Tudor in the watch box. On Monday morning, Black Bay 58 and its 70-hour power reserve are still good. At the same time, Black Bay 36 has stagnated and needs to be set. This brings a little trouble, but, oh - I am writing 1000 words to compare two watches, what do you expect?

Winner: Both of these movements are winners. The question is whether you are willing to pay a small fee for an internal COSC movement with a better power reserve. If the price is not a problem, then objectively speaking, the internal movement of the Black Bay 58 is definitely a better choice.

Match 2: Dialpad
First of all, the specifications:

Black Bay 36: Glossy black dial, steel/silver finish, flat crystal

Black Bay 58: "matte" black dial with gold/gold finish and hemispherical crystal

Conceptually, the dials of Black Bay 58 and Black Bay 36 are similar: inspired by the ancient Tudor Submariners, they are marked with white triangles at 12 o'clock, with sticks at 3-6-9, others Time is a bit. . In the implementation process, the dial is no different, especially when face to face.

Black Bay 36 looks very modern: the dial is glossy black and glows when illuminated. The steel trim on the white lu makes it sporty, modern and closed by a silver outer wheel cover. There is not much text on the Black Bay 36, giving the dial a minimalist aesthetic. The silver print contrasts sharply with the black dial. The "automatic winding" printed on the top of the clock at six o'clock is the highlight of the dial. Frankly, I am annoyed that they canceled this for Black Bay 58. The ticking of the dial around the dial with the second hand sliding under the case is fascinating.Richard Mille RM 035 replica watches

At the same time, Black Bay 58 is a memorable one - that's why it gets so much love. Black Bay 58's matte black dial is not as shiny as the Black Bay 36. It seems to absorb light and bring some warmth to the entire watch. Rose gold and rose gold accents on the external dial add to this warmth and give the watch an overall vintage gold-plated look. The Black Bay 58 has a heavier text at 6 o'clock and is COSC-certified and water resistant with gold-plated lettering. I will talk about the bezel below, but the gold-plated print on the bezel does make the vintage look of the Black Bay 58 even better. It's hard to think of another watch that excels at the tribute to the vintage models it refers to, while adding a certain modern style to make a difference. Although Black Bay 58 has more modern flat crystals, the dome of Black Bay 58 is very eye-catching and has been passed down from generation to generation. I don't hate it.

Winner: It's hard. Old-fashioned enthusiasts love the gold-plated Black Bay 58, but the clean and modern Black Bay 36 makes me feel comfortable. It won't try to do anything, it's a nice, honest modern Swiss sports watch.

Competition 5: Intangible assets
Matches 1-4 provide a story of the tape. In addition to the excellent specifications, these two watches are also extremely comfortable on the wrist. Before buying Black Bay 36, I never even had a bracelet. Now, I don't know if I can go back. For my little wrist, the 36mm is the perfect size. The wrist is really fucking comfortable. I thought the 39mm Black Bay 58 might be a bit big for me, but in reality it's not much bigger than 36mm, and the black bezel makes it look a bit small.www.saleperfecttime.com

The Black Bay 36 is a subtle watch that blends seamlessly with my day. It was so comfortable that I forgot to wear it, but I was always happy when I thought about "What time is it now" and quickly browsing the smooth black dial.

Black Bay 58 is equally comfortable, but because of internal and external reasons, I feel like a boss. It may be the hottest in the world, and anyone who is proficient in watches will give it a second-eye look and a slight smile. But who cares about the ideas of others? I like the feeling of confidentiality with very precise internal secrets. When I wear Black Bay 36, I also feel that I have a secret, but this is a bad one: inside is ETA 2824, this movement can be found in the watch, the price is only a quarter. After all, I don't care at all, because the convexity of the case and bracelet of the Black Bay 36 is much higher than its weight. However, like a life partner, I prefer to have a fully packaged watch when scrutinizing.

Winner: 36 Black Bay. This is another problem with Black Bay 58: It may just be a bit of an effort to become something that is not something, namely: antiques and Rolex. Perhaps the only thing worse than wearing a Rolex brother is the Rolex who wears almost Rolex's brother. This is the feeling when I buckle on Black Bay 58. What is certain is that it is not around other watch idiots, but when the public sees it ("norm", actually it is). The Black Bay 36 is extremely comfortable: the sporty 36mm watch has all the features of a modern timepiece. For a watch that knows what it is and does not shout out from the roof, there is something to say. I am a normative person: most of the time when I am out of the office, it is a white T-shirt or OCBD and jeans. Black Bay 36 is more like a normcore watch that fits my lifestyle; the style of Black Bay 58 is bolder than I can adapt every day.

As I mentioned, value is based on subjective judgments of individual consumers, so depending on your value and the price of Black Bay purchase, your winners in that category may vary. While reviewing my comments, I think I agree with the results overall. Compared to the gilded Black Bay 58, I prefer the modern dial design of the Black Bay 36, which makes sense. There is nothing better and more honest than the old dial, as Black Bay 58 tried - it did, obviously, it was a good job - it couldn't be copied. On the other hand, the frosted stainless steel finish and the details of the Black Bay 58 case and bracelet case give it a character that is unmatched by modern watches. The “Intangible Assets” category is an urgent appeal for me: both are useful to them outside of physical specifications. However, the beautifully worn modern stainless steel sports watch does have some places that appeal to me. And that's what Black Bay 36 means. The classic watches of previous generations belong to this category: Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and even Pablo Picasso. Tudor Black Bay 36 is my minimalist attempt to enter the Pantheon, even if it is only in my heart.

Again, maybe there are two spaces in my collection that are all black bays.Ulysse Nardin DIVER 353-98LE-3/ARTEMIS

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