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OMG I adore these shirts, I buy a large size for myself and 24months for my daughter also a small size for my son. We love these and are looking to buy matching color again for my family.
   Luizelle El-Khoury
Helmet fits on our 4 year old and 10 year old head comfortably.  The helmet is not shiny look we hoped for.  Be careful the stickers can begin to peel easily.  Other then that my 4 year old loves wearing it around on Sunday when football is on
   Lucy Rodríguez
These are my husbands favorite casual pants.  I hope they never stop making them.
   Filip Voglar
The pants are somewhat large but they still fit.  However, the material is very light.  The pockets are a little too far back.  Also the pant legs are rather wide and I will have to alter them and make them narrower before my husband will wear the pants.
   Siham la Bland
We love it! My boy saban is 7 months now, and I got an XL fits perfect. He is about 68 pounds.
   Jleo Irle
I bought these to have workout shorts.  These products work great for working out.  They move with you and I never felt constrained.  They do a good job of staying up during a full workout routine I've never had to pull them back up.  Their pockets are deep enough I've been able to do a quick run to the store with my wallet, cell phone, and keys in the pockets.  I've never had an issue with anything falling out of the pockets.
   Cinzia Esposito

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